Street Construction Projects

This page is the central source for updates on the street and road improvement projects happening within the City of Fenton. That includes neighborhood street improvements paid for by voter-approved bonds and those paid for by other funding sources.
Updated: 04/05/2023

Local Street Improvement Program

The Local Street Program will begin its second year with Phase II in spring of 2023. City Council has approved the costs associated with OHM’s engineering and design services with geotechnical investigative services provided by G2 consulting group.

This 10-year road improvement program includes rehabilitation of the pavement surface, storm and sanitary sewer repairs, curb/gutter repairs, driveway replacements where the road grade has changed as applicable, and sidewalk improvements at intersections to meet current ADA standards for residential roads. While the roadways are anticipated to be pulverized and resurfaced, full reconstruction of the road will be proposed where deemed necessary. 

The work from the first year of the road improvement program that started in 2022 is anticipated to be substantially completed by the beginning of June. Supply and staffing issues have caused a short delay in the completion of the project.  The roads currently under construction are ready for asphalt delivery and work will wrap up quickly, weather pending.

As always, you can call Department of Public Works Director Dan Brisson at 810-629-2261 with any questions or concerns.  

Local Road Program Years 1-3

This map shows what will take place in 2023 and 2024 under Phase I (Years one to three) of the 10-year program, which is funded by the sale of bonds approved by voters in 2021. The plan for 2025 and beyond will be prepared based on road conditions and needs in 2024, as the relative condition of different streets can change over time based on usage, original materials used and more.
A map showing roughly when streets will be done in the first years of the program.

Phase II to be completed in 2023 includes the following Numbered Street Subdivisions and Residential Roads: 

Streets in the Elmwood Subdivision also, East Street (First to Ninth), Walnut (First to Sixth), Center (Main to Second), 4th Street and 9th Street (East to Oak), State Road (Adelaide to city limit), Park Steet (Shiawassee to S. Holly), Elizabeth (Shiawassee to Adelaide), Rockwell (Adelaide to Davis), Davis (Shiawassee to Cemetery entrance), and Henry Street.

In addition to the street construction, the following watermains will be replaced: State Road, Elmwood Subdivision, and one block of South Oak between Rockwell and Elizabeth streets. City Council approved the construction services and contract award for the 2023 Watermain Replacement Program. Waldorf & Sons, Inc. will be the contractor at a cost of $2,657,786.70 and will begin construction in May of 2023.