Fire Safety

The Fire Department's Fire Prevention Officer is in charge of children's educational programs at schools and community functions as well as station tours for scout troops and small groups. The position is a volunteer position with the department. For requests to have someone come speak at your school or event, or for station tours for groups, please call the station and leave a message for the Fire Prevention Officer, who will return your call promptly. Although many fire prevention programs include commercial building inspections and new construction examinations, our department focuses on children's education and public relations. The department does have part-time inspectors that handle commercial building inspections.

We have a very successful fire prevention program in our community, and we feel children's education is an important part of the fire department. We are able to teach stop, drop and roll; safe meeting places; and exit drills in the home; as well as many other things. Special programs can be developed for problem kids, as well. On an annual basis, the department helps educate thousands of kids about fire safety. Feel free to call and leave a message for the Fire Prevention Office to discuss any tours or educational materials.

Three of the most important fire safety things you need to remember: