Water Main Flushing Program

Flushing water mains removes minerals and sediment that naturally accumulate in the water distribution system. Fire hydrants are used for the flushing process, which allows Water Department personnel to operate each hydrant to ensure proper function for fire protection.

The City of Fenton Water Department has developed a maintenance plan where the water distribution system is divided into 4 quadrants and water mains are flushed on a rotation basis, typically 2 quadrants in the spring, and 2 quadrants in the fall.

The Water Department will publish an advance notification in local newspapers and on the city website prior to flushing water mains. Flushing operations are typically performed at night to lessen the impact of lower water pressure that occurs while the water main is being flushed. Water being drawn while water mains are flushed may have water that is discolored.

Once flushing is completed, water may appear rust-colored because iron and other mineral deposits in the water main are stirred by high-velocity water flow associated with the flushing process. There is no health hazard associated with discolored water, and the water customer may need to simultaneously run the cold water tap at all faucet locations in the home or business to eliminate discolored water. We recommend waiting a day after discolored water is flushed from your pipes before doing laundry.

If you are experiencing discolored water after at least 5 minutes of cold water flushing at all faucets in your home or business, please contact the City of Fenton Water Department at 810-629-6347 for assistance. Water Department staff will come to your home or business to assist with the flushing process.

Please see the Hydrant Flushing Quadrants Map 2021 (PDF) for quadrant identification of the water distribution system.