Oakwood Cemetery Information


Fenton, originally known as Dibbleville, was founded in 1834 and was a part of Fenton Township until 1964. That portion of Oakwood Cemetery, known as "Old Prospect Hill", was the original burial grounds of the early settlers.

The Village of Fenton was incorporated in 1863 and the old Township Cemetery was within the boundaries of the new village, but continued to be operated by Fenton Township. In 1869 a private cemetery association, the Oakwood Cemetery Association, was formed. A cemetery composed of 23 acres of ground immediately southwest of the old cemetery was laid out and, according to historical accounts, explains the existence of many burials in that portion of the cemetery. These burials date much earlier than 1870, which indicates the area was being used for cemetery purposes prior to the formation of the Oakwood Cemetery Association.

The Oakwood Cemetery Association was dissolved in 1948 and the cemetery turned over to the Village of Fenton. In 1964, the Village of Fenton incorporated as the City of Fenton. In the division of assets between the new city and Fenton Township, the old township cemetery (Prospect Hill) was turned over to the city.

Today, Oakwood Cemetery consists of 40-plus acres and includes Old Prospect Hill. They are recorded separately, however, as that is the way Merle Perry Jr. set it up when he recorded the inscriptions in 1961. He rechecked many of the inscriptions again in 1962.

Rules & Regulations

The Cemetery Board of the City of Fenton oversees the operation and maintenance of Oakwood Cemetery. The board wishes to remind everyone of the rules and regulations of Oakwood Cemetery that need to be observed:

  • The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, settees, coping, edging, vases that are not part of the marker and similar breakable articles, upon plots will not be permitted, and if so placed, the management reserves the right to remove them. 
  • Fresh flowers in approved cones and annuals in 5- to 8-inch pots through the summer months will be allowed and plastic flowers shall be allowed between November 1st and April 1st. These allowable items will be removed by management when they become unsightly or they are not in accordance will this rule.
  • Shepard's hooks will be allowed in the cemetery; however, the hooks are to be limited to 5 feet in height and only 1 hook per pole, allowing for 1 basket of annual flowers or plants.