Cross Connection Program

The City Of Fenton's Water Department staff is committed to providing quality, cost-efficient service in the collection, treatment, testing and delivery of safe drinking water to all residential, commercial and industrial users.

Safe and reliable drinking water is a carefully manufactured product. In order to ensure uncontaminated drinking water the city has adopted a cross connection control program. This program is directed toward commercial and business water users and is a part of our effort to ensure a safe and dependable drinking water supply.

  1. The State of Michigan Department of Public Health has rules within their Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, Act 309, P.A. 1976, Michigan Plumbing Code 200, and local Cross Connection Control (CCC) plan requirements which we use for our program.
  2. All testable devices must be tested initially upon installation and should be tested at yearly intervals thereafter. The City inspector may require more frequent testing based upon degree of hazard, corrosive atmosphere or concerns with water quality.
  3. A certified backflow prevention device tester is a professional who has successfully completed and who has proven their ability in testing and satisfies the requirements of the Michigan Mechanical and Plumbing Contractors Association testers' course.
  4. A backflow prevention device is a device that has been approved to prevent backflow onto the public drinking water supply. An approved backflow prevention device will prevent backflow, back siphonage, and back-pressure. The appropriate device will be determined during your inspection by the CCC inspector. Testable backflow devices are:
    1. Double Check Valve Assembly
    2. Double Detector Check Valve Assembly
    3. Pressure Vacuum Breaker
    4. Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Assembly
    5. Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly
    6. Spill-Resistant Vacuum Breaker
  5. The cost for testing will vary depending on the size of device, the location of the device, if the device is to be tested during normal working hours, and which hours and which testing firm will be doing the testing.
  6. The City of Fenton uses Hydro-Designs Inc. to do all our inspections. They have been our inspectors for many years. They know our water system and are a great resource for your questions on your backflow prevention devices and internal water systems. Feel free to talk with them about your systems when they are making inspections. If you have any questions on this program please contact Mr. Daniel Brisson, Director of Public Works at 810-629-2261.
  7. Residential users connected to the City of Fenton water system were brought into the cross connection program in spring of 2021. HydroCorp has been contracted to inspect 400 homes per year for compliance with the current Michigan Plumbing Code as it relates to the cross connection program.