City Clerk's Office

The office of the municipal clerk is the oldest office held among public servants. The Clerk's office at City of Fenton hosts the responsibility of maintaining all of the records for the City. This office takes an active role in the local government process by preparing the agendas for the Council and recording the minutes for their sessions, thus creating the permanent legislative history for the City. Since the Clerk's Office is responsible for the City records, it is also responsible for handling all requests that fall under the Freedom of Information Act. In the event one may require copies of City records, this office will take the necessary action to respond to such requests.

In addition to the responsibilities of record-keeping, the Clerk's office for City of Fenton is also the central location for human resource concerns. The Clerk's office handles the responsibility of the City's payroll, as well as coordinating the various benefits and insurances for the City and its employees.

Perhaps one of the most focal responsibilities of the Clerk's office is to administer the elections to the citizens of the City of Fenton. It is the responsibility of the Clerk to administer a fair and unbiased election to the community in which they serve. This duty makes the Clerk's office an integral part of the local government process at the heart of its very implementation.