Zoning Information

The City of Fenton enjoys a solid reputation for municipal planning and growth management. Our Comprehensive Future Land Use Plan has guided the development of the high-quality residential community and the strong nonresidential areas (Light Industrial, office, research and Commercial) that are dominant features of the City.

Through Zoning Ordinance requirements, the department coordinates and processes many of the activities that help to implement the Future Land Use Plan. The City of Fenton recently, upon completion of an extensive study, updated and adopted a master plan, future land use plan document, a future land use map, a transportation plan, and a natural features map. The Zoning Administrator continues to work with the Planning Commission and the City Manager to review and update the plans in order to ensure that they remain a relevant guide for the future development of the City.

The Zoning Department handles activities such as re-zoning requests, site plan reviews, subdivision and site condominium proposals, zoning and subdivision ordinance amendments, PUD, street vacations, and other related subjects. The department also maintains extensive map and data resources.

This is done in accord with its duty of providing administrative and technical assistance to both the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) has specific powers and duties as provided in Act of the Public Acts of 1921, as amended. The (ZBA) is a quasi-judicial body, and serves as the only body at the municipal level to hear appeals on various zoning matters. These duties include ordinance interpretations, appeals of administrative decisions, modifications, and variance of ordinance requirements, and use variances.

The Zoning Administrator continues to review and update the zoning ordinances based on directions from the updated Future Land Use Plan, directions and referrals through the City Manager and City Council, the Planning Commission, and the community at large.

Here are some of the resources available from the zoning department:

  • The Future Land Use Plan, including the future land use map, transportation plan, natural features map, and the future land use plan text document, is available at Fenton City Hall front desk for $35.
  • The zoning ordinance is available at the City Hall front desk for $35 text, or disk at $10 each.
  • Additional colored zoning maps are available at set rates, dependant upon size, etc. (available at City Hall front counter).