Refuse/Recycling Service Transition Update

In a change from early communications about the switch the city is making  from Republic Services to GFL, here are the key dates of the transition.

  • Friday, September 24: Last day of service by Republic
  • Friday, October 1: First day of service from GFL
  • Wednesday, October 6: First day of Wednesday service from GFL. Wednesday becomes the regular weekly pickup for refuse and recycling.

Previously shared info about cart selection follows:

As of noon on Friday, Aug. 20, the first deadline for requesting refuse and recycle cart-size swaps passed. You can still make requests, though they likely won't be addressed until after GFL begins its service.

A comprehensive package of information about the new service, including swap options and procedures as well as key dates, has been mailed to residents. The pieces can also be viewed and downloaded here:


GFL containersThe process is OPEN via which residents can requesst refuse and recycling carts of a different size than what they're slated to get when GF begins service as the city's new refuse, recycling and yard-waste vendor.


Most residents will receive 65-gallon refuse and recycling carts from GFL, while some residents of attached condominiums will receive 35-gallon containers. Current provider Republic Services, which owns its own carts, will be removing them some time after its last collection day.


Residents can switch into 95-gallon, 65-gallon or 35-gallon refuse containers and 65-gallon and 35-gallon recycling containers or an 18-gallon recycling tote. Remember, under GFL, recycling will be picked up weekly. Requesting an alternate cart size is easy and can be done by:


  • Filling out our online form

  • Emailing City Hall at

  • Calling us at 810-629-2261


Residents can also use the above methods to request additional carts, which are $65 each except for 18-gallon recycling totes, which are $35. Requests are still being taken, but after Nov. 17 all swaps will cost $65. NOTE: Residents selecting alternate cart sizes may not receive their selected choice until after the first day of the new service, even if they met the Aug. 20 deadline.

Call Us At (810) 629-2261