Truck Number: 45-Utility-27

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Model: F-150 Extended Cab
Make of Chassis: Ford Motor Company F-350
Function: Support

Year Purchased: 2000
Cost to Purchase: Not Available
Replacement Due in: 2020

Engine Make: Ford
Pump Type: Not applicable
Pump Make: Not applicable
Water Tank Capacity: Not applicable

Special Equipment On-board: Oil dry for cleaning up fuel and oil spills, salt de-icer for winter calls, brooms, shovels, grass fire portable water back packs, hydrant tools. Two special water extinguishers are carried on the truck with an EPA approved product called Micro-Blaze, which is a product that eliminates the flammability hazard of a fuel or oil spill and it is a hydrocarbon neutralizer that we spray down on top of the spills that breaks down, degrades and digests the waste of the molecules and basically eats them away. This is a sound and environmentally friendly way of cleaning up these spills in our environment instead of just washing them off the road with water alone, which pollutes the surrounding environment.

This truck is used for: Environmental clean ups of fuel and oil spills, vehicle accidents, grass/brush fires, tornado watches and electrical wires down responses.

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