Truck Number: 45-Ladder-15

Manufacturer: Supthen Corporation
Model: 110 Ft. Magnum
Make of Chassis: Supthen
Function: Aerial Ladder

Year Purchased: 2005
Cost to Purchase: $833,610.00
Replacement Due in: 2025

Engine Make: Caterpillar C13, 525 HP with Jacobs engine brake and Allison EV54000 transmission
Pump Capacity: 2,000 gallons per minute
Pump Make: Hale
Water Tank Capacity: 400 gallons of water, 0 gallons of foam

Special Equipment On-board: Positive pressure ventilation fan, cascade bottle for air on top of the bucket, thermal imager, roof ventilation equipment, stokes basket for rescue, numerous ground ladders and firefighting tools, 10 kw hydraulic PTO generator, LED warning lights, aerial platform ladder with bucket

This truck is used for: Primary response truck for all structure fires, commercial building fires, any trench or high angle rescue calls, building collapses, apartment complex and elderly housing projects, and mutual aid calls to other area departments.

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